About Luxe hiking gear hot tents, I think I need to write an article. Because I saw many recent posts and saw that most people were complaining about Luxe hiking gear? Today, let’s analyze Luxe products together? Is the company’s product worth buying?


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Luxe Hiking Gear Official Website: https://luxe-hiking-gear.com/

Is this a real company?

This is a real company, but it is actually a fake company. Their tents are made in China. They’re just a dealer. In fact, their company is not the manufacturer of their products. Luxe hiking gear itself can’t guarantee the quality of its products. It’s normal that the products we buy are of poor quality.


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Why did Luxe choose to be a dealer?

Dealers can be seen everywhere, but why do so many people hate dealers? First of all, the dealer is like a middleman. He can earn a lot of price differences. It is because of their great reputation that many manufacturers cooperate with them. Many people blindly believe in brands. In the end, they can only buy a broken tent.


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How about Luxe’s after-sales service?

This problem is worthy of attention. We often buy products we don’t like in our life. But in terms of after-sales service, Luxe really needs to pay attention to their problems. They almost sell, but never consider the customer’s experience. Their products are usually sold at “special prices”. Especially when you decide to return it, you can’t contact their staff at all. The email you send them may take weeks to get a reply. They always tell you that as long as you place an order, they will deliver it for you the next day. However, after you wait for three months, you ask their customer service. You will only get a perfunctory reply.


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Poor front-end service fails every time. What would be an alternative company name that sells the “luxe” tent from probably the same factory as Luxe just branded differently? (Lloyd Nauss-facebook)
I wholeheartedly agree with point 6. You definitely get what you pay for. “Buy once, cry once” has served me pretty well so far.
The worst company I have ever worked with. I would never buy anything from them again. Being a reseller is no excuse for being a poorly run company.

I used to like to buy some special goods online. In fact, it’s just a routine. You didn’t spend less money on an affordable product. Instead, you’re buying a quality assured product. If I buy a product of poor quality. I won’t buy any products at their home for the second time because of the poor after-sales service like Luxe hiking gear!