Improvement of HEX tent in 2021:

  1. Replaced the stronger top webbing material, reducing the number of webbing to achieve the effect of weight reduction.
  2. The fabric is improved on the basis of the silver-coated 300D Oxford, which keeps the original characteristics while making the material softer. The new material has better toughness and improves the tear resistance of the tent.
  3. Use a more rigid aluminum alloy tent pole to avoid breaking in high winds. (The original one is an iron tent pole)
  4. The stove jack is changed from non-detachable to detachable, and the material is replaced with a better high temperature resistant material.
  5. Improved the tent sewing process and waterproof glue treatment process.

Nice shot by @colinrussellscottishwildcamper


Pomoly Hex plus hot tent camping


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