In 2022, picnics have passed, and camping has become a new trend. Do you remember the “picnic wind” in your circle of friends this spring?

In autumn and winter, these urban youth who are keen to get close to nature have started a new sport: Camping. Recently, I found that many urban young people around me fall in love with “Camping”. Because of the influence of COVID-19, There is more than one way to spend time in quarantine! You can make delicious food with Titanium Altay Stove with your friends. That must be very interesting.

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Why Should We Choose Titanium Altay Stove?

Titanium Altay Stove is a new product launched by pomoly in 2022. This stove is exactly what people are looking for. It is not only light but also easy to carry. The volume that can be reduced is the reason why people buy it. Let’s know more about Pomoly Altay Stove through comments and feedback!


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Titanium Altay Stove Review:

  •  Impressed by Altay stove! It’s definitely better than I expected, if any, it’s getting too hot. Start with a small fire. Easily heat my little Campervan!
  • The Altay stove looks beautiful. At the end of August, when we first camped in the canvas Sibley bell tent, I boiled eggs and bacon on it. It burns effectively. I can’t wait to use it this autumn and winter. This stove for canvas tents is highly recommended as long as it is set up correctly. In addition, if you burn a fire or two outdoors before indoor use, it will indeed burn off some manufacturing residues that initially smell very thick. I’m glad I followed these instructions.
  •  Titanium Altay stone is made of heat-resistant glass. Compared with traditional steel, it has superior heat dissipation performance and is also an additional light source in the tent.
  • Camping Altay Stove is completely safe to use and will make your camping experience more pleasant and comfortable. The pattern on this stove is also very good-looking, very good.

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Titanium Altay Stove True Feedback:

  • I have a question. Pomoly’s customer service is excellent. The quality of the Titanium Altay Stove is really great.
  • I have a small fire blanket under the stove. I saw an exercise mat, 4′ x 8′ at Wally World. Might give that a try.

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Pomoly Titanium Altay Stove is an ideal portable wood-burning stove, which is suitable for heating and cooking in small leisure places, such as Canvas Wall tent, canvas clock tent, tent, yurt, shack, ice fishing shack, small residence, bus conversion, etc. Pomoly Titanium Altay Stoves are precision made of Titanium, durable, high temperature resistant, and will not rust or corrosion, making these stoves very suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments. Trust me, you won’t regret buying the stove.