If you’re thinking about this question: how big a tent do I need? This is a suggestion. I suggest you find a tent that is not bigger than you need, but has enough space for you to use.

Most friends who just choose to go camping don’t know how big a tent to choose. Therefore, before you choose a tent, you should know the following points

1. How big tent do I need?

Many manufacturers prefer to distinguish tents by size. Like outdoor equipment, this answer is not accurate. To choose a suitable tent, we need to consider many aspects. First of all, we should determine the number of campers. Secondly, the season and climate of camping are also important.

YARN Octa Canvas Hot Tent
YARN Octa Canvas Hot Tent

Therefore, in this article, I will recommend several tents of different sizes and styles for you.

  • The size of tent capacity should consider not only the number of campers, but also the size of campers. For example, children are small. The tent size required by an overweight adult can accommodate three children.
  • Secondly, the type of tent discussed usually has a great impact on its spaciousness. Although 4-person car camping tents are usually enough to accommodate 4 adult berths, 4-person backpack tents – in most cases – can accommodate no more than four real-life hobbits (or very small humans) in space.
  • Finally, tent manufacturers tend to exaggerate the capacity of their tents, and their estimates are based on highly optimistic calculations of how many square feet humans need on average to get comfortable sleep.



When choosing tents, we should not only see the specifications of the product list. The following points deserve your attention

1. Tent area

2. Floor dimensions

3. Tent height