In recent years, most people choose to go camping on vacation. If people want to go camping, tents must be necessary camping equipment. Tents are people’s homes outdoors. It is important for people to choose a tent. A high-quality tent can make our camping life more wonderful.




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  1. 1P with Wood Stove (Capacity)
  2. Unique Cabin Style
  3. Lightweight Tent
  4. Double Door Design
  5. 70D Plaid Polyester
  6. Design of Mesh Door

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I think most people know about tents. But does anyone know about hot tents? Please allow me to recommend Chalet Hot Tent for you. It’s the product of Pomoly’s team. If you are a camping enthusiast. You may be interested in this tent. Let’s know more about Pomoly Chalet Hot Tent together!

1. 1P with Wood Stove (Capacity)

This is a solo tent. If you want to go hiking and camping, Pomoly Chalet Hot Tent is the best choice. You can use the stove in this tent. You can cook delicious food in the tent. On cold nights, you can use the stove to get heat.



2. Unique Cabin Style

Most people are satisfied with the Pomoly Chalet Hot Tent cabin style. The color of the tent is dark brown. The tent of this color is like a real cabin in the forest. Most people go camping to get close to nature. The design of Chalet Hot Tent meets people’s needs.




3. Lightweight Tent

Pomoly Chalet Hot Tent (tent 4.9 lb / 2.2 kg + tent pole 0.9 lb / 0.4 kg) is worth buying. Heavy tents will increase the burden on people’s journeys. This tent is very light, so it is more suitable for hiking campers.




4. Double Door Design

Pomoly Chalet Hot Tent has two doors. The doors of the tent are opposite. People can get in and out of the tent freely. In addition, people can put the collected firewood next to the stove. people can prepare more firewood for cold nights.




5. 70D Plaid Polyester

This tent is made of 70D Plaid polyester. This is a tear-resistant tent. The waterproof grade of Chalet Hot Tent reaches 2500mm. This fabric is not only durable but also waterproof. Most people who have used the tent praise its waterproof function.




6. Design of Mesh Doors

Chalet Hot Tent adopts the design of mesh doors. When we are camping outdoors, we will be annoyed by mosquito bites. Mesh doors are designed to reduce the chance of mosquitoes entering the tent. Mesh doors are also designed to exchange the air inside and outside the tent. People can breathe more fresh air.




  • The weather was great last weekend. I took my dog and went camping. I can use the stove in Pomoly Chalet Hot Tent. I sleep well at night.
  • I like this tent so much. The quality of the Pomoly Chalet Hot Tent is very good. I have used this tent several times.
  • Pomoly’s tent is very good. I have two tents. The other is the Peak TC camping hot tent. I’m going to buy Pomoly’s tent stove.


Pomoly Chalet Hot Tent looks good. It is a solo winter camping tent. This tent has many features. It is not only waterproof but also durable. You can use the stove in the tent. This is a tent worth buying.

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