Summer is coming and the temperature is rising. More and more people are beginning to prefer camping. Outdoor camping is a leisure way

But it is inevitable that some first-time campers will involve many problems that are not clear. So what are the precautions for the first outdoor camping?

Tents, sleeping bags, and damp-proof mats are outdoor camping equipment. How to choose this equipment?

(But most importantly) we need to talk about the safety of camping tent stoves.

It’s simple – any tent Stove that burns fuel will produce carbon monoxide (and other dangerous gases). At sufficiently high doses, these can be fatal – so appropriate precautions must be taken.

These precautions include:

  1. Set up your tent stove correctly (and check it regularly)
  2. Always maintain proper ventilation (never let smoke enter your tent)
  3. Keep any dry and combustible materials away from the stove


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By following these simple protective measures, you can enjoy the warmth of the tent stove without any unnecessary risks.

First, you need to confirm whether your tent is suitable for use with a firewood tent stove. Your tent needs a flue, which is the most basic. Secondly, we must also consider whether the materials of the tent (near the chimney) are resistant to high temperatures because, in the combustion process of the tent firewood stove, the temperature of the chimney wall can reach 400 degrees or even higher.


T-BRICK Portable Titanium Wood Stove for Hot Tent Camping 20220420


At present, there are many tents on the market with high-temperature stovepipe openings. Before purchasing tents, you can ask the merchants for details. Generally speaking, a larger firewood tent stove can emit more heat, but the volume and weight will also increase and consume more firewood. Be sure to adapt the volume of the firewood stove to the size of your tent.